As we prepare for Thanksgiving, you may consider the brief seven-day Thanksgiving project that I outline on pp. 88-90 in my book Putting God Back in the Holidays. It includes such things as:


•Listing people whom God has used to bless your life—family, friends, neighbors, pastors, teachers, mechanics, hairstylists, insurance agents, etc.

•After you thank God for each one, ask yourself, “Have I ever thanked that person for how God has used them in my life?” On the next day take time to express to some of them how God has ministered to you through them.

•Also consider meditating on 1 Thessalonians 5:18 throughout one day.

•One final suggestion is to take one day to focus on thanking God for the circumstances, people, and events that have provided special difficulty in your life. This kind of thanksgiving will start out as an act of your will, and emotions may follow much later.

The practice of thanksgiving is one of the most powerful weapons in our spiritual battle. May God give you a wonderful Thanksgiving season and pour the grace of praise and thanksgiving in AND THROUGH EACH OF OUR LIVES.