This book seeks to resurrect and revive our prayer life into one that God uses to restore His people to the place of His blessing. Begin to breathe again as you offer your heart, desires, and disappointments to the God who loves to listen and respond to you.



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“This is more than a ‘how-to’ book on prayer. The mechanics of prayer give way to the heart and rhythm of Spirit-led praying. The emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s leading, filling and guiding our prayer life is at the core of Dr. Thrasher’s message. May the resurrection power of Jesus move in such a way that your prayer life breathes fresh new life.”
-Dr. Mark Jobe
President of Moody Bible Institute

“I cannot think of anyone I would rather learn from on the topic of prayer than Bill Thrasher. I am convinced that your heart will be challenged, and your spirit stirred as you read this book. I know God will use these pages to resurrect the dead prayer life of many people in the years to come.”
-Dee Jobe
Women’s Ministry Director of New Life Community Church

“Applying the principles of this terrific book will revitalize our prayers and our spiritual lives.”
-Dr. Michael Rydelnik
Vice President and Academic Dean and Professor of Jewish Studies and Bible, Moody Bible Institute

“With gentleness and compassion, Dr. Thrasher guides us into the presence of God where our hearts awaken. He is a trusted friend whose passion for prayer jumps off the page. This book will be a balm to your soul.”
-Christ Fabry
Author and Host of Chirst Fabry Live on Moody Radio

“This is not just another book on the importance of prayer. It is a book on how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and make prayer a way of life. What would be more important for the Christian than sharing your life fully with the Father in prayer? This is a book to be experienced, not simply read. Whether you make the journey alone, or with a small group of fellow Christians, God can use this book to resurrect your prayer life.”
-Gary Chapman
Author of the 5 Love Languages

“Bill Thrasher has done it again! If your prayer life is dead, this book will blow life back into it. Inspiring, practical, and hope-giving, Bill’s emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit is spot-on and liberating. I’ve read this book twice, and it’s impacted me greatly. Get a copy for yourself and a friend – it’s life-changing.”
-Karl Clauson
Pastor of 180 Chicago Church, Host of Moody Radio Chicago’s Karl and Crew and Author of the 7 Resolutions: Where Self-Help Ends and God’s Power Begins

“There are two things I like about this book written by my colleague in ministry Bill Thrasher. First, I like how practical it is. This is not a book on prayer theory or even a deep dive into prayer theology. Rather it contains very practical steps and suggestions on how one can revitalize a waning prayer life. Second, this book is deeply rooted in Scripture. Yes, Thrasher shares personal thoughts and insights, but all are biblically rooted. These two aspects woven together makes for a compelling and helpful primer on how believers can revive a stagnant prayer experience.”
-Dr. Marvin J. Newell
Ambassador at Large, Missio Nexus

“When Dr. Thrasher asked me to read his manuscript ‘How to Resurrect a Dead Prayer Life’, I wondered why he would pick me. He didn’t, God did! I needed this! Highly recommend this book to help take your prayer life to a new level of expectancy and effectiveness, regardless of how good you think it currently is.”
-Todd Hopkins
International Best-Selling Author, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Office Pride

“No one will argue that prayer is a key component of a flourishing relationship with Christ. Yet for many of us, experiencing the joy and power of this strategically important discipline remains an illusive goal. We identify with the longing of the disciples who asked Jesus to ‘teach them to pray’. Thankfully, my friend Bill Thrasher has wonderfully stepped into that space to lead us back, or for some of us, for the first time, to an effective prayer life…reminding us that not only is prayer important for getting answers but also for the enjoyment of an intimate fellowship with Christ.”
-Joe Stowell
Special Assistant to the President of Moody Bible Institute


A Journey to Victorious Praying

Why do so many people struggle with the discipline and delight of prayer? Dr. Bill Thrasher believes we suffer from fear and a lack of understanding about the nature of prayer. In A Journey to Victorious Praying, he teaches readers that prayer is simply coming before Christ with an attitude of helplessness, opening up our needy lives to Him. Filled with practical insight, this book will give readers renewed enthusiasm for embarking on this essential journey.

A Journey to Victorious Praying Study Guide

The goal of this booklet, which is a companion study guide to A Journey to Victorious Praying, is to assist in the journey toward becoming a person who prays.
It is set up in an eight-week format (five days per week). However,
you can use it however you deem fit. Sprint through it in just a few
weeks or mosey along for a few months–however you choose to work through
these disciplines, ask God to guide your journey.

A Journey to Victorious Praying DVD

The goal of this DVD, which is a companion to A Journey to Victorious Praying, is to assist in the journney toward becoming a person who prays.
This video is set up in sections to follow along with the companion Study Guide which is also available separately. Feel free to use it however you deem fit. Sprint through it in just a few weeks or mosey along for a few months. This DVD will work for individual, partner, or group study. No matter whom you choose to share this journey with, make sure to pray for each other often as you seek God’s best for your prayer lives.


When you know someone is a person of prayer, it is easy to be taught by them regarding prayer.  My friend Bill Thrasher is one of those people.  As you read his words you will be impressed not only with the importance of prayer, but you will find your heart stimulated to get busy about the ministry of prayer … again.
—Joseph M. Stowell, former President, Moody Bible Institute

Here are refreshing words from the pen of a man who takes prayer seriously.  His study reveals new possibilities for the believer who dares to access God’s unlimited provisions for His beloved children.
—Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor and Chairman, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

As a born worry wart, like my father, I have had to learn to seek His face to find strength.  I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Thrasher that, “in God’s kindness He instructs us how to process our anxiety.”  I pray that this book blesses many.
—Elisabeth Elliot Gren, Author and Speaker

A Journey to Victorious Praying is wide-ranging in conception, refreshingly biblical, and ever practical.  Bill Thrasher has mined the Scriptures and the literature of prayer to give us a volume that will change lives.  I sense that he did this magnificent work on his knees.
R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor, College Church in Wheaton. This is the best book on prayer I have ever read!
—Ben Haden, speaker “Changed Lives”

Bill Thrasher’s book A Journey to Victorious Praying was a personal inspiration to me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to the whole church and to anyone who desires to bring their prayer life to a new level.
—Dr. John Perkins, President, John M. Perkins Foundation

Dr. Bill Thrasher’s book should be placed in the hands of every new Christian.  This is a splendid invitation to much more than a spiritual discipline, it is a call to an exciting way of life with our personal and loving Lord.
—Lyle W. Dorsett, Professor of Evangelism and Spiritual Formation, Wheaton College

Bill Thrasher is “a man after my own heart”–one who lives and walks in prayer and fasting as a normal lifestyle, not dry religious duty.  This very solid and balanced book studies how God is always desiring to orchestrate prayer-filled eruptions and expressions from the conditions of our daily life and calling–some which might appear difficult and challenging, but which often bring the most precious and delightful spiritual returns.  One of the most truly refreshing studies on prayer to appear in years.
—Gary P. Bergel, President, Intercessors for America/Youth Interceding for America

Bill Thrasher’s new book is a solid read for anyone who struggles to succeed in making prayer a serious and strategic part of daily life.  I think you’ll find A Journey to Victorious Praying a welcome companion on your path to prevailing prayer.
—Phil Miglioratti, National Prayer Network