As summer nears its end and Fall responsibilities are on the horizon, let’s join together in believing God to prepare each one of us to enthusiastically accomplish His purposes in His gracious strength. Our president at Moody, Mark Jobe,  has encouraged all the faculty and staff to enter into a three day fast August 1-3 – as God enables- to prepare for the coming semester. Join in as God leads you in praying your hearts along the following ways for all who receive this :

  • May God revive all of our prayer lives this Fall as He empowers the countless formal and informal ministries that are represented by the hundreds of people who graciously receive this -Ps 80:19-

I will be teaching a class on Prayer and two others on Biblical Spiritual Formation for the first eight weeks of the semester.

  • May God help each of us to  maintain our  own spiritual growth and development in the midst of a hectic work life balance- I have been asked to address the faculty on this subject in an interactive workshop that will be offered two times alongside other workshops on August 16 . I pray that our seminary retreat September 9-11 will be used by the Lord to accomplish this objective and pray for each of you to experience the refreshment you need. – 1 Timothy 4:16.

  • May God enable all of us to  accomplish each of our different assigned tasks and prosper our relationships as we do them- I have a book manuscript due September 6 on How to Resurrect a Dead Prayer Life and need God’s gracious help as do each of you as we all seek  to live out His call on our lives- Eph. 2:10 Ps. 127:1-2.

Only eternity will be able to reflect the incredible fruit of united , believing prayer for each other. With great gratitude to all of you!