The Lord impressed upon me the need to send this brief update requesting prayer:
-For God’s Spirit to graciously work in each student’s life as they complete the classes I have been teaching these last 8 weeks.
-For God’s Spirit to empower my teaching of two intensive classes next week as I teach from 8 AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday that it would result in the revival of hearts and the accomplishment of His highest desires in each one of us.
-For God’s Spirit to be preparing each student who will be starting the new classes I will begin to teach on the following week on March 15.
-For spiritual protection and strength for me and my family (2 Thessalonians 3:3) and for each one and their loved ones who receives this update and great fruit in their informal and formal ministries.
Thanks for being willing to cry out to God that He would equip His laborers that we seek to train and send them into His harvest in a way that brings great glory to Him.