The Attributes of God in Pauline Theology

This book presents Paul’s doctrine of the attributes of God, a theme that has been virtually ignored in works dealing with Pauline theology. A clear and careful look at the meaning and application of many life-changing truths about God are found in this book as well as a chapter on the meaning of the glory of God.

Expect to learn such concepts as:

  • The difference between God’s wisdom and the wisdom of the world.
  • God’s love, mercy, grace, kindness, and patience.
  • God’s truthfulness and faithfulness, righteousness, and wrath.
  • God’s sovereignty and power–the meaning of predestination, foreknowledge, election, calling, and God’s purpose, will, and kingdom.
  • God’s eternality, immortality, incorruptibility, and omnipresence.
  • God’s glory.

As you behold God’s glory, open your life to being changed by the Spirit of God.