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September Praise and Prayer

Please join me in praising God and praying for all who read this in the following ways: Praise to our Lord who alone knows how to refresh us and satisfy us in the midst of all our responsibilities—pray that God would bless our relationships as we fulfill all of our ministry demands.Praise to our God who alone enables us to bear eternal fruit and in so doing glorify Him (John 15:8)—Pray that God would bless the preaching opportunities and...

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Mother’s Day Prayer

May God give each of you special wisdom and grace to celebrate every good and perfect gift that you have received from your mother. If for any reason this has been a difficult relationship, may God put His healing hand upon your hurt, and His grace to enable you to be free from any bitterness and to have a heart that sees Him as the one perfect Parent.   May God also honor the prayers of each mother who...

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