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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

This is probably the last email I will send out before the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Christ met this man in his loneliness and fear and as he turned to Christ for comfort he sensed God’s calling to go to Ireland to be a missionary (see pages 199-205 in Putting God back into the Holidays). Let us pray that all who read this email will be met by Christ in our need and also be open...

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Prayer Requests for March

Prayer Requests for March   Thanks for being willing to receive this and pray for all of us in our common goal of honoring Christ For Supernatural enablement and blessing to attend every effort to serve Christ – formal and informal – I am in the middle of four semester classes and finishing up two online classes- that each students heart would be drawn to the Lord in a fresh way For God’s presence to be sensed  in  every...

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