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God Can Use Your Prayers


In my book A Journey to Victorious Praying I write about an experience I had one November morning many years ago. It happened after I had spent several hours in prayer with a number of other believers in our community on a Saturday morning. It was one of several Saturday mornings that had been designated to bring together people in our community to cry out to God to revive His church and advance His cause of missions around the world. The prayer meetings were held about a mile from the apartment that I lived in at that time.

At the conclusion of that very special time of prayer on that Saturday morning, I began the mile walk home back to my apartment. As I walked by a church, this thought came into my mind—“Would you like to have a ministry in that church?” Before I could even contemplate a response to this idea another thought entered my mind—“’You can have a ministry in that church or in any church or in anybody’s life if you will allow Me to teach you to pray.” When thoughts come into our mind we certainly have to be discerning. The Holy Spirit can work in this way, but most of us also have seen great abuse in attributing thoughts to the Lord that may not come from Him. All of our thoughts must be tested by scripture. I do believe that these thoughts were of the Lord, and I also believe that they are applicable to every believer.

The truth is that God can use our prayer in the life of churches and people who may not even be open to hearing from us. Our bodies are also limited to being in one place at one time. However, our prayers can span the world as we respond to God’s Spirit and continually cry out to Him. Keep calling on the Lord and find your greatest delight in Him.