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Activating Your Faith


Hudson Taylor noted that the sin of neglected communion with God can be forgiven, and we are so very grateful for this. However, he also noted that as wounds when healed often leave a scar that remains permanently, so the sin of neglected communion with God can also leave some scars! I have written about letting God renew the thought structures of our mind so that our first instinct is to pray. This means as we have said activating our faith before we activate our wills.


A vivid memory that I have shared many times is the memory of writing a letter as an attempt to resolve a misunderstanding. As I was writing the letter I felt tension all over my body. What I discerned at that moment was that I was trusting in that letter to resolve the misunderstanding. I put down my pen and told God that I wanted to trust Him alone to resolve the matter. I regained His peace and even later wrote a letter, but my confidence was in the Lord and not in my effort.


What are you trying to do today that you need to back up and surrender the whole matter to God and ask Him how He wants you to trust Him? He will never make you irresponsible, but do remember He is the Vine, and we are only the branches (John 15:5).