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Don’t Misunderstand His Blessings


Last time we wrote about reading God’s Word for the purpose of allowing the Lord to reveal Himself to us.  We spoke of seeing God through the glasses of Christ, and not the glasses of our guilty consciences.  I trust that this last week you have begun to pray to the God who is “kind to evil and ungrateful men” (Luke 6:35).  This translates into the truth that your Heavenly Father yearns to bless you.

Now, as you picture God’s blessing, it is so easy to misunderstand or misinterpret His blessings.  For example, in Acts 3:26 we read of God sending His Son to bless us by turning us from our wicked ways.  This is the blessing of repentance.  It is a gracious and kind gift! 

Paul prayed to arrive in Rome in the fullness of the blessing of Christ (Romans 15:29).  He got to Rome in the fullness of the blessing of Christ, but this blessing looked different than most people would have imagined (he was in chains!).  

God does desire to bless you, but we need to expand our understanding of His blessing.  Anything that God sends into your life that encourages you to seek Him is a blessing. Remember 2 Chronicles 26:5 which speaks of an ancient king and states that as long as he sought the Lord, God prospered him.  God wants to prosper you by encouraging you to seek Him.  This is the way our kind God yearns to bless each one of us. 

God bless you!