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A New Pair of Glasses


Our own experience has affected all of us, but we must trust the one Perfect Father to aid us in seeing how He desires to rule, and even over-rule, for our good as His providential plans unfold day by day.

As you read God’s Word, ask our wonderful Lord to reveal Himself to you.  Let us remind each other that the basic message of the Bible is the revelation of Christ (see Luke 24:27, 44 and John 5:39).  Christ reveals the Father who adopted us into His family even though our sin killed His Son.  He reveals a God who is “kind to evil and ungrateful men” according to Luke 6:35.  Even I can qualify for that promise.

Do you see Him as kind toward you?  I remember the week in my life that God gave me a new pair of glasses.  Before, I looked at God through the glasses of my guilty conscience.  The kindness of God taught me to look at God through the glasses of Christ.  Realize that Jesus died to earn for you every blessing of heaven.  Humble yourself before Him and allow Him to be gracious to you.

Put on that new pair of glasses this week as you pray.  Remember, our God is “kind to even evil and ungrateful men.”