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Knowing God as Father


Has God reminded you to pray for each other when you have been tempted? You can read about this principle in the early part of my book where I discuss “the help of your need.”  Let each of your temptations be a motivation to pray for others as God would lead you.  This prayer bond between us can enable God to be strong in our weakness.

When Jesus was asked by His disciples to teach them to pray (Luke 11:1), His first instruction was to recognize God as our personal Father (Luke 11:2).  There is only one perfect Father, and when you trusted Christ, you entered into His family.  As you trust Him to teach you to pray, may you discover the joy of being fathered by Him.

Each of us has also been born into an earthly family.  Your parental relationships may have been very joyful, or they may have been quite painful.  In either case, as you respond in faith to the mother and father God sovereignly gave you, this will lead you to the revelation of the one perfect Father God.

Look at how Jesus related the concept of God as Father in the experience of prayer in Luke 11:11-13.  Our Christian life began with the glory of being able to call on God as our Abba Father (Gal. 4:6-7).  Let Him father you through your joys and pain.  There is nothing that you will ever have to do alone.  You have a perfect Father to guide you, enable you and love you in every task, relationship and circumstance you will ever encounter.

Keep pouring out your heart to your Father.