Pray for our governing authorities as we celebrate Presidents’ Day this day.
The following requests are taken from pages 193-194 of “Putting God Back into the Holidays.” I pray they in some way aid you to pray for local, state, and national government leaders in this critical time of our nation and our world. There are signs of God’s judgment–please join me in praying for His mercy and revival!
*Pray that your governing authority would fear God and recognize their accountability to Him (Prov. 9:10).
*Pray that they would recognize their own inadequacy in a way that prompts them to seek God and His strength and wisdom (Jas 1:5).
*Pray that they would be given godly counsel and advisors who fear God (Prov. 24:6).
*Pray for their marriage and family.
*Pray that they would desire purity and avoid pornography, perversion, and drunkenness.
*Pray that they would be honest in all their financial and ethical matters.
*Pray that they would have the courage to do right and be able to resist manipulation, bribery, and the fear of man.
*Pray that they would be shielded from the occult.
*Pray that they would be presented with biblical principles and promote the sanctity of life, the family, and morality.
*Pray that they would be prepared to give account to an Almighty God.