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Praying with Integrity


When Jesus responded to His disciples request to teach them to pray, He encouraged his disciples to pray with integrity. When they came to God, they were to come to Him as their Heavenly Father (Luke 11:2). They were to share with Him their daily needs (11:3). They were to share their life circumstances with Him (11:4). When there is guilt, we need to come to Him to for cleansing. If there is a struggle with bitterness we need to ask God for the grace to forgive. When we are tempted to depart from the path of holiness, we need to talk to the Lord about this struggle.

Let me share a story with you about a pharmacist who came to grips with the need to pray with integrity. It is found in the book The Power of Crying Out: The Secret to Overcoming Fear.

In December of 1999, a woman came into a pharmacy with a prescription from her eye doctor. The pharmacist filled the prescription. However, he made a dispensing error and filled the prescription wrongly. As she applied it to her eye, the damage began. Her eyes burned and swelled. She finally returned to her eye doctor. He saw what had happened and was shocked. He told her she was using the wrong medication.

When she told the pharmacist what he had done, he was alarmed, especially when he saw the condition of her eyes. He then gave her the right medication and hoped that it would help. However, her condition worsened. Through January, February, March, and April she periodically visited the pharmacist and showed him her deteriorating condition. By April the doctors could not be sure that she would ever improve.

The desperate pharmacist was very aware of the moral and legal liability of his error, so he set aside a weekend to seek the Lord and pray for her healing. During this important time, God reminded him of an area of sensual bondage of his life. He knew God was telling him to confess it to his wife and to forsake it. This would be the most humbling thing he would ever do.

May 31 was “D-day” (death to pride) for this pharmacist. He told his wife of his secret sin and was shocked at what happened. She informed him that because of his lack of affection, she had decided to leave him with their three children. His confession caused her to change her mind and purpose to work at making the marriage successful.

The following day, the woman with the eye infection came to see him. She was delighted and amazed because healing was now coming to her eye!