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Letting God Work in Us


September 11, 2001, is a date that most Americans remember very well. I remember getting a knock on the door of my classroom where I was lecturing on the sovereignty and mercy of God at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. I opened the door, and the individual quietly informed me of the tragic news of the terrorist activity of that day. They also informed me that the administration was seeking God and anticipating evacuating the city. The next knock on my door informed me that all employees were being encouraged to leave the city.
Knowing that there would be a mad dash to the trains, I leisurely ate lunch and waited for the crowds to disperse. My wife later told me that I acted far too leisurely! When I did leave that afternoon, Chicago was like a ghost town. As I arrived home, I gathered my family to debrief the day and to pray. When I began to pray, many emotions were going through me as I pondered this senseless act of killing others. At this moment, our Lord brought to my mind Christ’s words that if we have ever been angry with another we also are guilty of murder (Matt. 5:21-22). I turned to my family and said, “Before we pray I need to confess to you that I also am a murderer.”


As you pray, remember to also listen to God and respond to any adjustment you need to make in your attitude or actions in order to pour out your heart to God. Always be open to what God wants to do in you as you pray.