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Preparing for Halloween and November

Thanks for your faithful prayers in your uniting and praying for the formal and informal ministries for each one who reads this. Thanks for your prayers as I prepare for preaching twice this month, teaching a class on spiritual warfare, speaking to a church staff, sharing God’s Word with some perspective students, and participating in a Chicago wide prayer meeting. We are all so dependent on the prayers of each other, and I am thankful for your willingness to cry out to God. As you trust God to show you how to celebrate Halloween, examine the background of this day and use it as an opportunity to explain the reality of spiritual warfare to your loved ones. Always let your discussion of spiritual warfare lead you to the victorious work of Jesus Christ. Look at the following chart that...

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Special Prayer Request

While I have earlier posted my October prayer requests, I did want to insert a couple of other things that I would greatly appreciate prayer on. • Penny and I will be traveling to Pensacola, Florida on Thursday, to attend and speak at a Friday funeral service of a beloved aunt who was like a mother to me. We will return to Chicago on Saturday. • I neglected to enlist prayer for a prayer conference I am doing October 25-26. I am very grateful for your kind prayer support, and as you pray for me, utter a prayer of faith for all who read this post that God may undertake for them every detail of their...

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