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Summer Prayer

Let’s all continue to cry to God Most High. To the one who accomplishes all things for us. (Psalm 57:2)—For me, this involves finishing up my spring classes and preparing to teach the summer modular and online classes. I, as many of you, will continue to teach and preach in May, June, and July as well. For God to greatly refresh each one of us physically and spiritually and to grant each of us his wisdom and discernment as for how to be his most effective vessels of love and encouragement. That God would anoint and empower each one of us and our children to walk with God, to be continually freed, to be available for his unique calling on our life, and to honor him in every marriage and future marriage as well as our future relationships. That...

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Mother’s Day Prayer

May God give each of you special wisdom and grace to celebrate every good and perfect gift that you have received from your mother. If for any reason this has been a difficult relationship, may God put His healing hand upon your hurt, and His grace to enable you to be free from any bitterness and to have a heart that sees Him as the one perfect Parent.   May God also honor the prayers of each mother who may be grieving in their humility because they realize their imperfections. May God use this humility to lead them to a perfect God who can more than they can imagine make up for any shortcoming.   May God also comfort the hearts of every young lady who may have unfulfilled desires because she has not been given the privilege to...

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