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Experiencing the Freedom of Fearing God


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Quote of the Day

“The way to be first, is to be last (Matthew 20:16). ” – Bill Thrasher

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Prayer Requests for November

As we anticipate the month in which this nation celebrates Thanksgiving, let us start out by: Praising God for what he has done this Fall. As each of us pauses and reflects, all of us will have lists to praise God—I praise him for the stamina to complete the classes in the first part of the semester as well as the October intensive class in Spirituality and the Family last week. Praise God for what he has done in and through each of you. Petition God to enable us to fulfill our vows to our family and cry out to him for his abundant blessings on all our gatherings at this time of year. Petition God for the grace for each one of us to finish this year strong and overflow with the experience of God’s refreshing presence—I will...

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