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Quote of the Day

“Do you realize that heaven will be a continual experience of joy (Psalm 16:11)? (from God As He Wants You to Know Him)” – Bill...

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Developing a Vision for Gods Glory


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Prayer Requests for April

Prayer for April   Thanks for continuing to cry out to God for all the people who receive this email. As we enter the month of April, let us all agree and pray in unity along the lines below: That God would send into each life his encouragement and grace to endure in each of our respective callings (Rom 15:5). That God would give each of us the strength to believe God in each of our most challenging situations, and that our faith will not fail (Rom 4:20 and Luke 22:32). That God would empower every effort to serve Him and cause it to bear great fruit that glorifies Christ—I am preaching April 8th and 22nd and continue to teach my four semester classes (John 15:8) Thanks again for your willingness to obey our wonderful Lord, and keep on asking, keep on seeking, and...

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