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A Journey to Victorious Praying

Why do so many people struggle with the discipline and delight of prayer? Dr. Bill Thrasher believes we suffer from fear and a lack of understanding about the nature of prayer. In A Journey to Victorious Praying, he teaches readers that prayer is simply coming before Christ…

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God as He Wants You to Know HIm

Every believer has a need for an understanding of systematic theology, but very few theology books present material in a personal, devotional format that appeals to the most popular level of believers. Dr. Thrasher manages to communicate the most academic biblical truth with the heart and personal connection of a pastor…

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Putting God Back in the Holidays

Instead of the joy-filled celebrations that we build up in our minds, the holidays (pick one, any one) can often become stress-filled, money-draining, joy-less days of the year that we just “want to get through.” And it is by our own volition that we have refused too many times to allow our holiday celebrations to be the spiritual experience…

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Experiencing the Pleasure of Believing God

The key to experiencing the pleasure of God is to learn to believe Him and to grow in this life of faith (Hebrews 11:6). While you do have an adversary who seeks to attack your faith (1 Thessalonians 3:5), you also have a God who is for you (Romans 8:31) and who desires to strengthen you against every devilish attack against your faith…

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How to be a Soul Physician

Over one hundred years ago, D. L. Moody urged the church to return to the training of “soul physicians.” These are men and women who have learned to lean upon the Holy Spirit in both diagnosing the condition of the soul and in aiding others to experience the blessing that can be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. True ministry flows from the inward person (John 7:37-39) and genuine growth involves strengthening of our spirits (Luke 1:80; Eph. 3:16).

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Living the Life God Has Planned

A basic guide to discerning the will of God. “How do I know what God’s will is for my life?” It is perhaps the most common question asked by Christians today. Dr. Bill Thrasher has provided a basic guide to the fundamentals of seeking God’s will in Living the Life God Has Planned. Thrasher teaches readers that they must first seek to know God on a more intimate level before His will becomes…

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Believing God for His Best

What are you waiting for? If you’re among the growing ranks of single adults, chances are you’re waiting for Mr. or Miss Right. And while waiting is an important aspect of the Christian life, it’s not easy. No one knows this better than Bill Thrasher. He spent almost two decades in adulthood before marrying his wife, and now shares the secret of successful single living: contentment.

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Spanish Books

Buy Dr. Thrasher’s books in Spanish:

* Una jornada hacia la oraci’on victoriosa.
(A Journey to Victorious Praying)

* Viviendo la Vida que Dios ha planeado.
(Living the Life God has Planned)

* Confiando en Dios por Su ideal.
(Believing God for His Best)

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The Attributes of God in Pauline Theology

This book presents Paul’s doctrine of the attributes of God, a theme that has been virtually ignored in works dealing with Pauline theology. A clear and careful look at the meaning and application of many life-changing truths about God are found in this book as well as a chapter on the meaning of the glory of God.

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Principles of Christian Living

While the provisions for a spiritually mature life have been graciously provided, much of the church lives in defeat because of an ignorance of these provisions. This book seeks to provide a positive presentation of these victorious principles.

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