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Praying Together

Let’s pray in faith  for each other along the following lines: For God to continually work in us to prepare us to overflow in loving ministries to our loved ones and for ministries that await us- 1Cor. 15 :58- “abounding in the work of the Lord” For God to work in the hearts of those we minister to in order to accomplish His highest desires- I have two June classes completing their post class work and two online classes finishing up their last assignments as well as two July sermons-God can even work while we sleep- Mark 4:26-29! For God to supply refreshing rest to each of our souls- I have this planned for some of July-Mk. 6:31-32 As you celebrate July 4, praise God for our religious freedom and for the grace to use it to serve Him as...

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Prayer Requests for June and July

  Let’s join together and believe God to supernaturally empower all or our efforts to honor Christ in all formal and informal ministries- Below are my current ministries Teaching two intense week long modular on Prayer- June 4-8 and Biblical Spiritual Formation- June 11-15 Teaching two online classes May to July Preaching twice in June and twice in July Let’s pray that God would bless all of our families including the future generations – For His merciful touch on each person and interaction For great refreshment and rest in the midst of our work and to obey our God when He is causing us to lie on in His refreshing provisions         Thanks for crying out to God for each one in bold faith for the glory of...

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A Time to Pray

Join me and thousands of others as we cry  out to God for His highest desires to be realized through the ministries and lives of the Moody Bible Institute Pray for the godly interim leadership team – The following is a quote that a colleague of mine wrote about the interim President-“ I am especially pleased that Greg Thornton will serve as interim president. In the 24 years that I have known Greg, I have found him to be one of the most caring, thoughtful, and servant oriented leaders I have ever encountered. One particular incident epitomizes this for me. I was attending a meeting that had been called by Greg several years ago. At one point someone got up from the table and started refreshing everyone’s water glasses. I was startled to realize that it was Greg, the...

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