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A Cry from the Cave

  We find a general description of Psalm 57 in its superscription. Although its author was destined to be Israel’s most famous king, this psalm was originally written not from a luxurious palace but from a lonely cave. The man anointed to be king was running for his life from Saul. The cave’s exact location is unknown. It could have been along low hill country near Philista (1 Sam. 22:1). It also may have been at En-gedi, along the western shore of the Dead Sea (24:1). Wherever he was, David poured out his heart to God. The result was that God gave him a renewed spirit of faith. Psalm 57 can be broken into two parts, each of which ends with a cry for God to be exalted in all the earth (vss. 5, 11).   1. David cried...

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