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Is Your Worship Meaningful?

The English word “worship” means “worthship” (Harrison, ed., Baker’s Dictionary of Theology, Baker). Worship is recognizing the worth and value of God. It is ascribing to God “the worth of which He is worthy” (Elwell, ed., Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, Baker). When one worships God, he honors Him by giving Him supreme respect. The worshiper approaches and addresses God as He is worthy to be approached and addressed (Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, NavPress). The most profound passage on worship in the New Testament is John 4:23-24. Here Jesus declared that true worship must be “in spirit and in truth.” What does it mean to worship in the way Jesus specified? Worship is the response of the inner man. Jesus spoke of people who honored Him with their lips instead of their hearts and said this kind...

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