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Celebrating Father’s Day

  On this Father’s Day, ask God to open your eyes to see Him as the one perfect Father. Ask Him to share His wisdom with you to discern His sovereign goodness as you process any joy or pain in your relationship with your human father. For more insight into this see Putting God back into the Holidays, pages 217-222, and How to Be a Soul Physician, pages...

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Influencing Others Beyond Your Lifetime

  As you open your hearts to the Lord today, ponder the question—“What do you want me to trust you for today, Lord?” Always be open to the prayer concerns that He may choose to put on your heart. You may even this day set things in motion through your prayers that will last far beyond your lifetime. Let me encourage you to read or reread the story about George McCluskey on pages 121-122 of my book A Journey to Victorious Praying. It is a wonderful story about how an “unknown” man influenced four generations through his prayers. Permit me the privilege of also sharing another story with you that I heard from Gil Beers. He writes the following: Some would call her a nobody, an ordinary woman, “justa housewife” in small-town Iowa. Her husband Georg was pastor of...

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