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November Prayer

As you trust God to show you how to celebrate Halloween, examine the background of this day and use it as an opportunity to explain the reality of spiritual warfare to your loved ones. Always let your discussion of spiritual warfare lead you to the victorious work of Jesus Christ. Look at the following chart that examines some of the schemes of the devil and how they are the opposite of what our all-powerful God wants to do. For more details see Putting God back into the Holidays, pages 245-252.  SatanAll Powerful GodActs 5:31 Tim. 4:1Tempts to Lie and DeceiveGod seeks to make us men and women of truth.1 Cor. 7:5Tempts us to immoralityGod seeks to make us men and women of moral integrity.Rev. 12:4-10Accuses and slanders us and promotes this in our relationshipsGod seeks to affirm; lovingly convict, and...

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